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The Company

41hemiverse™ develops the unique patented hemiverse™ prosthesis solution dedicated to shoulder arthroplasty.

Founded in 2017, the company is the result of a fruitful collaboration started in 2013 between renowed key opinion leaders, MedTech startups and thinktanks. It can count on highly qualified collaborator, a team of experts with strong R&D, manufacturing and regulatory know-how around orthopedic surgery.

With a growing patent portfolio, 41hemiverse can rely on strong IP protection supporting the clinical study and industrialization phase.

To provide patients and surgeons with the highest quality products, a strict quality system according to ISO 13485 is employed. By working with key suppliers, 41hemiverse is leveraging a robust and trustful supply chain while focusing on accelerating the prosthesis time to market.

At 41hemiverse, we believe that our partners play an important role in the success of our business. With your support and dedication we can continue to build this innovative medical technology that helps to improve shoulder surgery.

Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our innovative hemiverse solution.

The Clinical Problem to be Solved

Reverse shoulder prostheses are becoming increasingly popular, also as a primary solution, based on their high stability and good short term biomechanical functionality.

Knowing that the glenoid preparation during reverse and anatomic shoulder prosthesis surgery may be a challenging step, 41hemiverse has identified the following opportunities for improvement:

  • Simplifying or avoiding the critical preparation of the glenoid bone
  • Enabling a simpler surgical procedure
  • Enhancing a better stability related to combination of the arm length and rotator cuff tension
  • Adding an innovative solution along the ‘Continuum of Care’, especially in the case of difficult revisions

Our hemiverse™ Technology

Glenoid Preserving

A minimal invasive and glenoid preserving solution simplifying the critical preparation of the glenoid bone


Surgical simplicity of a hemi prosthesis design minimizing the amount of existing instruments needed while reducing the intraoperative time.


Built to be compatible with established shoulder stem platforms.

Optimized Biomechanics

Biomechanical advantage of a reverse prosthesis with the patented Dual Center™ concept enabling an efficient center of rotation medialization and distalization to compensate rotator cuff deficiencies.

Continuum of Care

Unique solution for the revision of failed reverse prostheses.

Our Technology

The hemiverse™ solution relies on several granted patents and patent pending filed in Europe, USA and Japan.

41hemiverse is actively planning a clinical study to validate the effectiveness of the innovative hemiverse solution.

Currently the hemiverse is an investigational device and not available for sales.

We are happy to answer any questions related to the project timeline and achievements.

The 41hemiverse™
Team and Partners

Board Members

Prof. Dr. h.c mult.
Robert Frigg

Thomas Overes, MSc

Dr. Alfred

Eric Lohrer, MBA



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